The best flooring from the best manufacturers

The best flooring from the best manufacturers

When making repairs at home or on production sites, you should pay special attention to the choice of quality materials. And especially the floor covering, which will serve you for many years. New developments are helping to alleviate and solve many problems. For example, you can find an anti-slip modular coating from the iMatrix company in our online catalog, which conquers its quality.

We are focused on long-term partnership and practical bilateral cooperation; therefore, we choose high-quality products from leading manufacturers for our assortment. Acting for innovative technologies, quality, thoughtful and balanced construction solutions, long-term results, we improve our robot every day and provide you with only the best products at an affordable price.

If you are looking for suitable all-around anti-slip flooring, turn your attention to Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 330.
The iMatrix company offers material for its production. The module tile is made with the observance of technologies and compounding that guarantees flooring quality and the long service life of any model.
Module tiles - a universal elastic flooring for a floor with practical application on any surface. It is optimal for daily loads in commercial premises (sports halls) street conditions (playgrounds in yards, terraces). Modular coatings have such qualities as wear resistance, damping properties, high tensile strength, abrasion, and deformation, and have a high allowable load.

Among the main advantages of such a tile, it is worth highlighting:

1. Long service life;

2. Resistance to mechanical damage;

3. Moisture resistance;

4. Resistant to ultraviolet rays;

5. Antistatic;

6. Antibacterial properties;

7. Good heat and sound insulation properties.

8. No slips or falls even on wet surfaces

Speaking about the advantages of plastic tiles, here it is worth highlighting the simplicity of its installation and further operation. Also, PVC tiles can be laid on the surface of other floor coverings, which is an undoubted advantage.

Thanks to the broadest range of patterns, textures, and colors presented in our online store, buying tiles from the best manufacturers will not be the slightest problem. And one of the main advantages of buying in our online store is the price of modular flooring because you can purchase tiles of the highest quality from us at a bargain price. You can see all the products in our online catalog. Contact us to complete your purchase.