What should you pay prior attention to before buying wallpaper

What should you pay prior attention to before buying wallpaper

How to choose the right wall coverings? It is important to pay attention to all the nuances:
1. Make sure that all the rolls you purchased are from the same batch.
2. Carefully study all the labels on the packaging - they can say much more than the seller.
3. When choosing wallpaper, it is better to buy a little more than you need than to purchase the missing number of rolls. Then it will be problematic for you to find wallpapers from the same batch.
4. Pay attention to the integrity of the packaging and wallpapers itself - all the edges on the wallpaper should be unscathed and straight.

Based on all the recommendations described above, you can buy high-quality and beautiful wallpapers for your home.

Important! When considering wallpaper in a store, it is important to take into account that they may slightly change their shade under different lighting conditions and after gluing. For the best effect, it is better to view the roll in sunlight.

Ornament. So that the wallpaper does not visually reduce space, it is better to refuse contrasting ornaments and large prints. Small, free-flowing plants or geometric ornaments are more appropriate: small details do not strike the eye, the room will seem bigger and calmer. A repetitive pattern without drastic changes in rhythm is preferred. With this design, space will be perceived as a single whole. Small rooms with low ceilings should not be decorated with wallpaper with zigzag or spiral patterns, as they destabilize the space and visually reduce their height.

Wallpaper in a narrow vertical strip will help to compensate for insufficiently high ceilings. Remember that narrow contrasting stripes increase the height but visually reduce the size of the room in total. If you are afraid of such an effect, cover with such wallpaper only the wall that is opposite the entrance. It will help to set direction and not waste space. Any wallpaper that ornament contains upward-directed elements, both abstract and floral, for example, vines that stretch upwards, also visually raise the ceiling. In a small children's room, it can be butterflies, birds, or balloons that are flying up. But it is better to refrain from any horizontal stripes or division by a border so as not to divide the room one more time.

Textures. The same rules apply to texture as for large ornaments. There is a small nuance: in the northern rooms, wallpaper without a pattern but with a light texture will look good. Scarcely visible strokes, small blotches will make the walls softer in appearance, and models with light pearlescent reflections will remove static and coldness from rooms that are facing the north side. Matte and less textured options are suitable for sunny rooms.