What should quality flooring be like

What should quality flooring be like

Sturdy, hard-wearing, easy to care for and install, suitable for all types of rooms, even those with high humidity: swimming pools, water parks. That is precisely the kind of features our modular flooring has to offer. For most people, the economy is the first and most important factor in choosing the floor. However, the savings often come at the expense of lower quality products, non-compliance with production requirements, unfair attitude to warranty obligations.

How to choose the flooring with the optimal price/quality ratio and not make a mistake?

The quality characteristics of finished products affect a lot of factors, and the main ones are:

- The production technology and qualification of the staff;
- used raw materials;
- Equipment and used molds.

Production of modular coating - laborious, time-consuming, and costly technological activities, so a priori such coverage is not cheap.

But we see modular flooring offers at times with a much lower price in the market. Could it be that these manufacturers have found a unique way to optimize production and claim the Nobel Prize in economics?

Unfortunately, all the "optimization" is reduced to the use of raw materials from the low-price category. Primary material and additives account for the bulk of the costs. By using recycled material, the cost of the finished product is reduced by 20 - 30%. Also, such unfair manufacturers save on fixed prices, using outdated equipment and unskilled professionals. However, with such savings, there is inevitably a qualitative decrease in the technical and operational characteristics of the finished product.

Unfortunately, it is tough to distinguish such a coating from a high-quality one visually. As practice shows, the actual quality of flooring can be assessed only after a few months of use.

As a result, wanting to reduce the cost of flooring, many buyers forget that the fleeting savings of money by purchasing modular flooring turn out to be severe problems after a while:
Discrepancy modules
Unpleasant odor and deformation of modules
Low strength and durability of the coating

Therefore, we can draw only one conclusion: "cheaper" usually means "less quality. So, the intelligent solution and actual savings will be the choice of flooring with a fair price and quality, confirmed by the successful operation of hundreds of facilities.