What is special about modular flooring

What is special about modular flooring

The robust, modular iMatrix flooring made from state-of-the-art resin is the perfect solution for fast, cost-effective renovations! Sound and thermal insulation properties along with water and dirt repellent effects make the panels ideal for use in the home, playrooms and playgrounds, in rooms with high humidity, as well as on lawns.

The modular floor covering is a square puzzle panel that is tightly joined together with a lock with a special fastening. Thanks to this form of the lock, independent disconnection of the elements of the modular floor are impossible.

After installation, the modular floor-puzzle is perceived as a smooth, seamless surface. This tile will perfectly fit into the interior of an apartment, house, office or a separate room (bathroom, toilet, kitchen, terrace) due to a variety of colors, textures and a special thoughtful assembly. It is easy to lay panels for a puzzle floor on an incomplete area of ​​a room, or a play area.

Pluses of using modular flooring material:

- Light. These tiles are much lighter than other analogs.

- The material is quickly restored to its original form when rearranging medium-weight objects or oversized furniture: chairs, tables, etc.

- High heat and sound insulation (sound insulation) - the special cellular structure of the material does not let the noise and cold pass through.

- Excellent shock-absorbing and damping properties - the material is flexible, elastic and resilient, due to which it absorbs shocks well. When hitting a soft floor, a person is not injured (an important point for organizing a play space for small children). The dishes will not break if they accidentally slip out of your hands.

- Environmental friendliness

- Moisture resistance (water resistance). Floor panels are not afraid of water and do not absorb odors.

- Antifungal properties. It is not a breeding ground for microorganisms. Eliminates the appearance of fungus.

- Non-slippery surface.

- Easy to assemble and disassemble

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