Wallpaper to choose for the kitchen

Wallpaper to choose for the kitchen

Decorating the walls with the wallpapers is the foremost viable way to create a cozy and in-vogue atmosphere in the kitchen and even rectify a few room imperfections.
Wallpaper in the kitchen is a dignified idea for decorating walls. The sheer amount of design allows you to create your dream kitchen. However, not all wallpapers are suitable for this space! Here's what you should know about cuisine wallpaper.

 Five key recommendation

o A single color scheme should be maintained in the interior of the kitchen, but wallpaper and furniture should not merge. Select several harmonious shades that differ in tonality;
o Think about the wanted atmosphere in the kitchen. If your goal is to create a vibrant and modern context, design your walls with contrast in mind. The interiors of a calm and gentle kitchen are decorated in easy-to-perceive colors (mainly light and pastel palettes);
o Be sure to analyze the compatibility of wallpaper with other finishing materials in your kitchen. Even the simplest roll of wallpaper without accent patterns can look superfluous if tiles and furniture in tandem look more harmonious. Analyze whether the wallpaper is suitable for the tiles for the kitchen in color and texture;
o A kitchen, stylized using furniture and accessories made of natural materials, initially involves wallpaper in natural shades, so you should not ignore this trend;
o Make one of the kitchen zones more expressive. For example, wallpaper for light cuisine in the cooking area can be brighter than other walls. A darkened interior can be mixed with spectacular light inserts near the dining table that will not contradict the garniture of any color.

 The types of the wallpapers suitable for the kitchen

Commonly, the kitchen is damp room. Often, when cooking, the walls will get dirty. Therefore, if you decide to use wallpaper in the kitchen, choose the type of coating that is resistant to moisture and grease. According to this, it should be easy-to-clean material. Still, the decor means a lot as well.
There are various kinds of wallpapers, but just the following ones are fitting for renovation cuisine walls:
 Vinyl wallpapers;
 Glass fiber (also for painting).
Let’s take a deeper look at each of these types.

 Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpaper is the most suitable choice for the kitchen. It has two layers: the bottom is paper, and the top is flat or foam vinyl. Flat vinyl is scratch-resistant, but this wallpaper should be placed on a smooth wall because it is thin. Due to this quality, it can show any unevenness of the walls. Foam vinyl is thicker, but it can be easily damaged.
Sometimes vinyl wallpaper is made of fleece, so it has a layer of synthetic nonwoven fabric instead of paper. This kind of canvas is glued in an instant because the sticky substance is applied only to the wall. Vinyl wallpaper has another important advantage - it reduces noise. This type of cover has many advantages for the kitchen:
 can be repeatedly cleaned;
 resistant to water and chemical cleaning agents;
 does not absorb grease and dirt;
 it repels water and fire.

 Glass fiber

There is no wallpaper stronger than fiberglass, made of quartz sand, soda, and lime.
Fiberglass wallpaper resembles fabric. It is resistant to moisture, fire, and scratches. It can have a beautiful relief or pattern that helps to hide imperfections of walls' design. The surface is also extremely durable so it can remain on the walls even for several decades. If the wallpaper peels off, you can always paint a new color on the surface. All these properties are ideal for the kitchen. The disadvantage is their high price.
One way or another, each kitchen has its own characteristics: size, lighting, humidity, and the presence of characteristic furniture. When choosing wallpaper for the cuisine, all these characteristics should be taken into account.