Wallpaper papering instructions

Wallpaper papering instructions

These instructions will help you with paperhanging whether you are an expert in wallpapering or not.

Buying wallpaper of TM "Slavyanskie wallpaper", pay attention to the roll size indicated on the label. All rolls have standard European dimensions: length of the roll - 10.05 m or 15.00 m; width - 0.53 m or 1.06 m; length of paintable wallpaper is 25 m. It is recommended to precisely measure the perimeter of the room before purchasing.


The purpose of the label is to bring the necessary information to the buyer. The label of our wallpaper contains all the essential information that may be useful to the consumer.


For successful paperhanging, you will need a working tool. You will not have the skills to handle it, but you must have them.

Now let's move on to the phased approach to the work.


Old wallpaper must be carefully removed from the walls. It is better to wet them first, then the process will be much easier.
If the walls are painted with vanish, dispersion, or oil paint, check that it firmly adheres to the wall surface. If it is not reliable, feel free to clean off the old paint, you don't need it anymore. If the color is still fresh and does not "chalk", the surface should be treated with an alkali solution, after that the wall should be washed with water (otherwise the glue will not hold).
If it is necessary, all holes and crevices treat with putty and plaster then the surface must be primed with a solution of glue. The wall must be dry, strong, and clean. If you did everything according to the rules, turn to the next step - cutting the wallpaper.


First, check if all rolls have the same batch number, pattern, and tone. When cutting off the wallpaper, add five centimeters to the allowances on both sides. If you cut wallpaper with a displacement of the pattern, be careful! It is necessary to mark and cut the pieces so that the pattern on the neighboring panels coincides, and a single picture is obtained. For example, flowers on the neighboring pieces coincide with each other, and the leaves coincide with the leaves. The wallpaper must unwind from the roll in one direction.


We recommend buying a special wallpaper glue TM "Slavyanskie wallpaper". First, mix it thoroughly and wait until it completely swells, then equally apply it to the wallpaper. Then fold them in a ratio of 2/3: 1/3 and roll them up for 5 minutes so that the glue is absorbed. Be sure that all strips are soaked for 10 minutes. (More detailed instructions are available on the label)


The first panel should always be glued starting from the window. Previously, using a plumb line (laser level), mark a vertical line, and apply the first canvas strictly along with it, then the rest of the stripes will be straight. Leave the bottom and top edges about 5 cm so that you can align later.

To avoid bubbles, you need to smooth out the wallpaper, from the middle to the edges. It is best to use a soft brush, rubber roller, or plastic spatula for this purpose. If it is necessary, glue can be applied at the juncture again. Spots of glue on the front side should be immediately blotted with a sponge, but do not rub it. The protruding edges of the wallpaper are cut off.

Instructions for paintable wallpaper

We offer a large variety of vinyl wallpapers that are designed for re-painting. The use of such kinds of wallpapers makes it possible to obtain a coating with the desired structure, as well as to hide minor defects in the glued surface.
Painting wallpaper with water- dispersion paints is currently the most common and simple type of decoration.

The main advantage of this type of decoration is the finishing covering in the form of painting. Here you can let your imagination run wild, move away from traditional solutions, and decorate the interior following your taste, especially in combination with decorative types of painting. Also, painting makes possible further decorations of the surface.
Decorative properties are largely determined by the quality of wallpaper pasting, therefore, this technological operation requires certain skills.
The wall must be carefully prepared. Its surface must be clean and dry.

The glue should be applied with a knurling roller to a clean wall surface as well as wallpaper. The cut strips should lie down for 7-10 minutes before wallpapering, after which you can hang them on the wall and smooth the surface by removing air bubbles with a rubber roller. The walls must dry well for surface painting. After drying, apply one or two coats of paint using a roller.

* Tip: To ensure that the paint dries well, do not allow severe cold or hot air currents in the room. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.

We recommend using different types of water-based, acrylic, latex paints for coloring the wallpaper.
For the painted surfaces to retain their original color gamma, to guarantee coziness and comfort for many years, consult with specialists.

Paintable wallpaper has many advantages:

Individual design ideas and color choices.
High manufacturability and convenience of processing premises, simplicity, and flexibility of use.
The ability to color the wallpaper allows you to change the interior of the room several times.
Let air and water vapor.
It сan be painted with dispersion, latex, and acrylic paints.