Wallpaper is an economical option for redesigning your home

Wallpaper is an economical option for redesigning your home

One of the conditions by which this process can be burdensome is the heaviness in the choice of wallpaper. All factors must be taken into account: the type of your home, the size of the rooms, the price of the wallpaper, the ease of gluing, and the quality of the material. It is worth figuring out how to choose the best coating for a flawless, modern, and durable renovation.
Choosing the right wallpaper for each room

• The selection of wallpaper often depends on the room that they will decorate
• You can confidently choose any wallpaper you like for the bedroom, children's room, or hall. The only advice is to try to stop your choice of wallpaper made from natural materials for the children's room and bedrooms.
• Since the bathroom and kitchen are rooms with a high level of humidity, when choosing wallpaper, try to opt for moisture-resistant types of coating.
• Hall. It is in the hallway that we leave our overwear, which can be wet after rain or dirty. Therefore, in this place, it is worth gluing washable wallpaper, from which you can easily remove dust and dirt.
What types of wallpaper can be used to disguise imperfect walls?

All sorts of flaws and irregularities on the walls are considered quite common. These include bumps, cracks, old stains, or coverings. Of course, the best solution would be to carry out repair work and putty the defects of the walls. But sometimes, you can mask the defect with high-quality wallpaper. For this purpose, the following are best suited:

• vinyl;
• non-woven;
• liquid;
• glass wallpaper.

Vinyl, non-woven, and glass wallpapers are capable of covering up flaws due to their layering and impressive thickness. While the liquid has a unique shape that allows you to patch up cracks in the walls. It is a kind of putty material.

As for a paper type wallpaper, they are significantly inferior in this regard. Indeed, through their thin structure, the entire wall is visible, with its flaws and irregularities, which further emphasizes the imperfection of the repair.

Helpful Hint: A bright and large, eye-catching wallpaper pattern will hide most of the wall defects. A twisted abstract pattern will not only be part of the stylish decor but can also distract from the uneven surfaces of your home.

Purchase of wallpaper, taking into account lighting

Lighting in a room is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the perfect wallpaper. The sun's rays that intensely illuminate a room can cause the wallpaper to fade prematurely and make the color look less saturated than it was in the beginning.

Fortunately, things have become much easier now. There is a markup that helps to determine which room and for what type of lighting this or that wallpaper model is suitable.

1. The very first designation shows that this type of wallpaper can only be glued in rooms, without intense natural light. Finding such wallpapers in the store is already quite difficult because they are not practical.
2. The following picture "half sun with a plus sign" indicates that the coating is sufficiently resistant to light. This type of wallpaper is best used indoors, without active solar lighting. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the covering will fade soon.
3. The third illustration, with the sun, indicates that this type of wallpaper is ideal for rooms that are regularly illuminated by the sun. It is the most common type of wallpaper today.
4. The fourth icon is an indicator of the most resistant wallpaper to natural light. Sunlight cannot spoil them, even if they are exposed to its rays for a whole day. Such coatings will not lose the saturation of light and will not become less beautiful.

Hint: Using the knowledge of visually increasing space, we can conclude that the less natural light enters a certain room, the lighter the wallpaper needs to be selected for it. Conversely, if the room has enough natural light, you can opt for almost any color of the wallpaper. They can be dark-green, white, black, or red.