Wallpaper for the kitchen - what color to choose

Wallpaper for the kitchen - what color to choose

Criteria for choosing wallpaper for kitchen

• Wet cleaning is regularly carried out, in the kitchen, including the walls, so kitchen wallpaper must be damp-proof. The most "delicious" part of our life takes place in the kitchen. However, in the process of cooking, drops of fat, oil, juices, and other unpleasant little things often fall on the walls, which, in the case of an incorrectly selected material for covering, often force the owners to start repairs and change the wallpaper. Moisture-resistant, able to stand wiping of faintly soiled areas with a soft cloth or damp sponge, without the use of detergents and cleaners. Washable wallpaper can withstand a similar wet cleaning, but with the addition of special detergents. Super-washable wallpaper can withstand not only wiping with detergents but also cleaning with a brush.

• An essential indicator of the quality of kitchen wallpaper is thickness, which is directly related to the strength and durability of wall covering. Besides, the thicker the wallpaper, the fewer pores are there, in which dirt can easily accumulate.

• Wallpaper for the kitchen must have high сolour endurance. That means they must be resistant to fading in the sun otherwise, they will quickly become yellow and lose their attractive appearance. It will affect not only the design of the room but also make it impossible to rearrange furniture without repairing the walls.

• Another essential parameter is steam permeability, due to which the walls of the kitchen dry out quickly, which has a positive effect on the microclimate of the room.

• When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, it is recommended to give preference to those types that are suitable for repeated painting.

• You should pay attention to the product labeling when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen: the "wave" icon indicates the moisture resistance of the material, and the "wave with a brush" indicates resistance to mechanical damage.

Paper wallpapers are unsuitable for paperhanging in the kitchen. Don't be saps for a cheap price! Later, it will cost you a pretty penny because of its impracticality and fragility. Сhosing paper wallpaper, you can immediately start preparing for new repairs. The increasingly popular textile wallpapers made of cotton, linen, or silk, as well as natural wallpapers made of bamboo, the veneer of rare tree species, leaves, and stems of exotic herbs, certainly look impressive. But since they intensively absorb smoke, fumes, and smells of cooking food, this is far from the best solution for the kitchen.

Variants of acrylic covering with protruding embossed patterns, like all other types of embossed and corrugated wallpaper with a volumetric pattern, are most suitable for decoration of the living room, bedroom, or hall. In the kitchen, pretty flowers and curls will be quickly covered with a dark plaque, which will be difficult to wash even with detergents.
As you know, colors tend to have a certain effect on human perception. They can excite or soothe, and you can get tired of them or have the feel of relaxation (morally, of course) from the same color.

So what colors are suitable for the kitchen?

Nowadays, you can pick up different variations and combinations. But it's still worth it to adhere to some subtleties.

* Large pattern visually reduces the size of the room.
* Small drawing, on the contrary, makes the room visually more spacious than it is.
* Geometric patterns on the walls of the kitchen in the form of intersecting stripes, like the ornament on the Scottish kilts, create the illusion of continuous space.
* The vertical pattern "raises" the ceilings, visually "increasing" the height of the room.
* The horizontal pattern and horizontal stripes on the wallpaper "expand" the kitchen while reducing its height.
* Diagonal lines on the wallpaper bring dynamics to the kitchen interior, creating the illusion of movement.
* Textured wallpapers look very extraordinary. They endow the surface of the walls with new qualities they can create an additional dimension in the room. Thanks to the shadow play and penumbra, interesting color nuances, and unexpected alternations of textures, you can get a lot of interesting effects.

We recommend you to choose wallpaper with longitudinal stripes or vertical patterns for rooms with low ceilings. The narrower the pattern - the higher the ceiling.

Accordingly, if the ceilings are high and the apartment looks like a well, a transverse pattern and horizontal stripes will help to visually equalize the height of the ceiling.

A small pattern or plain wallpaper will visually increase the space in a small room.

A large pattern and rich tones of wallpaper will make a very big room more comfortable.

But wallpaper of cold shades (silver, blue, light-blue) will make the room visually wider.

The color of wallpaper in the kitchen should certainly be a delight for the eye and be pleasant. So, it can be beige color, cheerful orange tones, or even yellow patterns. Red color can not only cause aggression, but it stimulates the appetite. The most interesting thing, perhaps, will be the combinations of wallpaper colors for the kitchen covering.