Velvet wallpaper

Velvet wallpaper

Pasting the walls with velvet wallpaper will add authenticity to the home design. Such coverage is easy to differ from other types with the naked eye. This wallpaper type deservedly has its reputation, since a distinctive feature is not only the unique decor of the canvas but also the specific texture of natural velvet. That will not only decorate the room but also make it much warmer and more comfortable. Our exquisite designer decorations bring spaciousness, luxury, and exclusivity to the room.

About velvet on the walls

Initially, velvet wall cladding was practiced in ancient China. There is nothing strange since velvet is an element of the oriental interior. It also positions itself as the styles of Arabic, Baroque, Rococo, and Empire. Hence the second name of the velvet finishing material - the Flock wallpaper. In China, a soft suede pile was applied to a paper base, and a layer of polymer glue was laid between it. To date, the technology of making velvet wallpaper has significantly changed. In the modern world, the basis for velvet wallpaper is either non-woven or paper coated with either viscose or polyamide.

Pros of velvet wallpaper

- House insulation;
- Velvet looks fancy and imitates natural suede;
- High-quality coating prevents damage to the material during gluing;
- Facility of use and care: can be wiped with a dry or damp rag;
- Authentic decor of paintings;
- The textured surface of the wallpaper hides structural imperfections or small cracks;
- Fire resistance;
- Naturalness, environmental friendliness, and safety of operation.
All these properties make velvet wallpaper a versatile material that can be glued to the kitchen, bedroom, and nursery.
A well-chosen velvet cut will help express your character and taste preferences. If you are interested in this type of cover, check out the large variety of velvet wallpapers HERE.