The wallpaper in interior design

The wallpaper in interior design

Numerous people still avoid bright colors and prints when choosing a wallpaper to renovate their homes. However, in vain. Brightness is all the rage right now; it must be used correctly to make it look organic and appropriate.
To dispel all fears and doubts, you can familiarize yourself with a selection of ideas on how to diversify and decorate your home with wallpaper.

Add flamboyance and exoticism to your dining room

Summer and warmth are exactly the things that many people associate with pleasant memories. Sometimes there is a lack of summer atmosphere and comfort. Nevertheless, you can try to fill this gap by decorating your dining room with exotic prints. They will be associated with warm times and will cheer you up.

Decorate your bathroom with flowers

Many people do not want to decorate the main rooms with bright wallpaper, because they are afraid that they will get bored. The solution to this problem is to stick black and white wallpaper with a floral print in the bathroom or the laundry room. Such a design solution is not often found in houses, which is why such walls will look unusual and attractive.

Gold stamping for living room

This pattern is rightfully considered a classic. Well, as everyone knows, classics rarely go out of style. But still, for such wallpaper, you need to choose the right room. It will look funny in the bedroom or the kitchen, but very appropriate in the reception room. Fortunately, modern wallpaper manufacturers can offer a lot of variations in gold-embossed coverings.

Lemon wallpapers

The lemon print is rarely used for home decoration. However, in vain. This design solution is perfect for adding colors to a children's room. Lemons will look good in the hallway too. This print will add cheerfulness and warm colors.

Geometric print for business premises

If you have been racking your brains for a long time over how to design your cabinet then here is a solution for you. Geometry in the right shades will even help the brain to tune in to active and productive work.

Large flowers and birds on a white background

The light background makes these large designs easy to perceive. However, these wallpapers are not suitable for most rooms. They are only appropriate in the hallway or above the stairs. If you want to decorate the bedroom with such a print, then you can arrange it over the head of the bed.

Light drawings on a dark background

Sticking the walls of a room with dark, or even black wallpaper is a pretty bold decision. It requires not only a special approach to the choice of material but also a suitable area of the room. The dark color is known to constrict space. That is why, having dared to take such a bold step, you need to glue dark wallpapers only in spacious rooms with spacious furniture. If the dimensions of the room do not allow you to stop at the choice of such a finish for the walls, but you still want to darken the interior a little, try using such wallpaper for an accent wall.

Other ideas

Besides, wallpaper can be glued not only on walls. Creative is in vogue these days. That is why now the wallpaper can create the external decor of boring furniture. In addition to the external decor, interior decoration of furniture is also possible. It is suitable for open cabinets without doors or for bookshelves.
You can even create a stylish lampshade from the wallpaper. If desired, it is easy to cut out patterns or desired figures in it with the help of a clerical knife. These figures will reflect on the walls when the light is on.
Another experiment in the interior is the application of wallpaper on an old countertop. All that is needed is a matching bit of wallpaper and a piece of glass. That is the best option for decorating the countertop since the wallpaper under the glass can always be replaced.
Considering these ideas, one can conclude that wallpaper is a versatile material that is useful not only for decorating walls but also for decorating furniture and other interior attributes. All you need to use this finishing material is your imagination.