The revolutionary way of flooring

The revolutionary way of flooring

Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua is made of specially designed impact-resistant, lightweight and non-toxic plastic. It easily withstands the weight of heavy furniture and even a car.
This floor tile provides easy drainage of water and other liquids. Therefore, it is easy to clean dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner or wash with water from a hose. But, interestingly, it has protection against ultraviolet rays and is suitable for use in the yard or on the terrace, as a coating of garden paths, that is, where there is a lot of direct or partial sunlight. It is also worth noting the anti-slip properties of modular tiles iMatrix-Aqua, as this is extremely important when using it in saunas, indoor or outdoor pools, water parks. The drainage structure of the modules does not allow water to accumulate on the surface, and even after rain, the character remains virtually dry.

Flooring in the garage

You can park your car in the garage and use it for various recreational purposes. It can be turned into a gym, a car repair shop, or a brand new bedroom! The only thing you need to think about is the right flooring for your garage floor. PVC garage flooring is the perfect solution for those who need to protect their floors from unwanted damage.

These durable interlocking tiles provide an attractive and practical garage flooring solution. The tiles are available in several colors, creating a colorful design. The top of the tiles is diamond-shaped, and the bottom is meshed to allow air and moisture to pass through.

We renovate any concrete or wood floor with our perforated interlocking floor tiles. Basements are often cold and prone to moisture, and perforated modular plastic flooring provides good ventilation.

Easy installation

iMatrix-Aqua has a way to save you the additional cost of a master installer, as we offer modular floor tile as an easy-to-install alternative.

Each module has a locking connection, so the installation process does not take much time and is no more complicated than assembling a child's construction set. The paving is carried out on the lawn and the prepared concrete foundation.
Before laying, iMatrix-Aqua does not require special preparation of the substrate. The only condition: the surface must be flat (deviation of not more than 5 mm per 1 meter). Otherwise, the coating will be deformed, and the unevenness must be removed before installation. The modules are laid on any surface: concrete, earth, crushed stone, sand, wooden pavement of terraces, grass, etc.
Our line of easy-to-install plastic interlocking tiles provides the resilience and floor protection needed for both residential and commercial applications while guaranteeing a high degree of comfort.

What's more, this flooring can be temporary, easily dismantled as needed, and reused elsewhere, depending on your needs.

We care about the environment

A core element of manufacturers' philosophy is a commitment to environmentally friendly products. After all, in today's challenging times for the planet, we must make every effort to protect and preserve it. One significant way of doing this is to offer our customers environmentally friendly flooring options.
If you're looking for a more eco-friendly flooring option, we hope you'll make the right choice and go with the Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua.