The perfect tiles for your floors, garages, and yards

The perfect tiles for your floors, garages, and yards

Modular floors for parking lots, areas near pools, sinks, and workshops can be laid on any base (crushed stone, pavement, etc), even if it is in poor condition. Potholes, cracks, unevenness of the surface will not affect the performance of the flooring. There is no need for special repairs and perfect preparation of the base, in contrast to the technology of self-leveling floors. This significantly speeds up the work process and reduces costs. In addition, the modular reusable warehouse floors can be very easily dismantled and reused. They will also fit perfectly into your home if you want the floor that is as safe as possible to prevent slipping.

On our website, you can choose the floor covering that suits you, for example, Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 160.

The advantages of this flooring:

● The flooring is easy to fit. It can be washed regularly, including using any chemical-based household products.
● In the event of damage to one or more plates, repairs can be made quickly and easily by simply replacing the damaged elements with new ones.
● Due to the embossed pattern, slip can be reduced.
● The material has excellent resistance to external negative factors and is also durable.
● Withstands even large temperature drops from -40 to +70 C.
● The tiles can withstand heavy loads. They do not form damage or cracks, since they absorb the impact energy by the spring deformation of the material.

There are practically no disadvantages to this type of flooring.
It is only necessary to remember that the details cannot be simply broken - the place of the break will necessarily turn out to be uneven.
Modular tiles are not inferior to any of the known finishes. They can be an excellent alternative to the most used and popular types of flooring if you are satisfied with their unnaturalness, and there is also an opportunity to buy products of this type.
There are different types of modular tiles, so first you need to choose them based on your own requirements and wishes, as well as the characteristics of the room. This type of flooring is modern and one of the best on the market today.
A varied color palette of modular floor coverings makes it possible to bring any design decisions to life. You get not only a comfortable, inexpensive, and safe coating, but also an unusual beautiful design.
On our website, you can get acquainted with all the features of this floor covering and make an order.