Reliable modular tiles

Reliable modular tiles

If the task is to lay a "working" floor covering in a short time, then in this case we recommend modular floors. Such floor coverings are used in almost all types of production and warehouses indoors and outdoors. In addition, modular coatings allow disassembly and re-laying in a new place, which is relevant for leased and seasonal areas.

High speed installation of modular floors is provided at all technological stages:

● flooring does not require cleaning or overhaul of the floor base (the main requirement is a smooth surface of the floor base);
● the laying process itself is quite simple and technological: the tiles simply join together;
● Immediately after installation, the floor is ready for use, you do not need to wait until the floor covering gains strength as in the case of other types of flooring.

All these factors allow a quick start to new production, and also to mount floors in the conditions of operating, without stopping the technological process. Modular floors are easy and quick to repair: damaged tiles can be replaced with new ones locally, without dismantling the entire coating.

The modular tile is made smooth or textured for additional non-slip. For premises with "wet" technological processes sealing of seams is carried out. If it is necessary to drain water, for example, for car washes, there is a modification of plates with drainage holes. To facilitate the arrival of vehicles on the pavement designed ramps that have the same grooves as the plates.

Our company offers delivery and laying of modular coverings Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 330.

The main properties of modular flooring:

● High load capacity
up to 3 t / sq. dm, which corresponds to the weight of the loaded 20 tons of the truck

● Impact resistance
when struck do not chip, do not form cracks

● Chemical resistance
Does not deteriorate when interacting with detergents and some types of chemicals.

● Noise absorption
prevent the spread of industrial noise

● Not slippery
due to the textured surface

● Fire Security
suitable for public and industrial premises

● Resistance to temperature changes and ultraviolet light
possibility of outdoor use

● Dustlessness and security
meet medical safety criteria

● Durability
long expected service life

Our specialists will help you choose modular flooring and calculate the required amount of materials. Just contact us and order perfect flooring.