Popular multipurpose flooring

Popular multipurpose flooring

Floor installation is a whole complex of installation works. An important point is the choice of the optimal flooring. Recently, modular tiles have become more and more popular.
Provides strong and secure fixing of individual elements to each other. Several types of modular tiles differ in texture, shape, design, and performance. The material should be selected based on the room in which it will be used: industrial premises, apartments, residential buildings, hospitals, catering establishments, technical premises, etc.
Modular slabs used in high traffic areas usually have a rougher and stiffer outer side. This ensures non-slip and also guarantees better wear resistance of the material.
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The modules from which the entire plane is drawn can have a convex relief pattern of various shapes. It reduces slipping and serves as an additional decoration. For example, the "grain" pattern - convex details in the form of oval bumps very effectively resist slipping and at the same time are easily cleaned of dirt. Such modular tiles are perfect for the garage floor - the wheels of the car will not slip, and it is very easy to remove the dirt brought from the street. At the same time, the thermal insulation of the room is improved and the situation with acoustics will improve.

Main advantages of this flooring

Modular tiles have many important advantages that make this flooring one of the best today:

➢ The tiles are easy and quick to install. They form continuous flooring with no slopes or visible joints. For installation, you need to use a minimum set of tools.

➢ There is a large selection of designs and patterns for this flooring. Can be combined, bringing to life the most unusual and interesting design solutions.

➢ Commercial types of flooring offer excellent wear resistance and improved acoustic performance.

Caring for the flooring is not difficult. The floors can be washed, wiped down with a rag, and used for cleaning the most common household cleaning products. Only chemically aggressive substances that can spoil the outer surface of parts are excluded. If the tile is nevertheless damaged, there is no need to change the coating entirely, it is just enough to remove the damaged element and install a new one in its place.