Modular pvc tile - benefits

Modular pvc tile - benefits

Modular PVC tile is a modern, durable, flexible, and environmentally friendly flooring, developed for cost-effective and quick flooring in residential, commercial, and industrial areas, from children's playrooms, home gyms, garages, and ending with warehouses, and industrial workshops. And most importantly, the laying occurs without using expensive polyurethane adhesive!

In most cases, it is used for industrial premises, as well as for warehouses. But it is often used as flooring for gyms and gyms, shopping and entertainment centers, and even medical facilities.
The main feature of modular PVC tiles is their durability and strength. Because of this, it is widely used in the industrial sector. And the range of temperatures that it can withstand is broad - from -15C to +60C. But most importantly, modular plastic tiles have an anti-slip effect, making them possible to use as a floor covering for swimming pools and water parks.

You should agree that stepping on a cold tiled floor from a pool or shower is not very pleasant. In addition, it is also dangerous - slipping on a wet floor, a person risks getting at least severe bruises. Meanwhile, statistics show a high number of injuries related to slippery floors.

We offer to reduce the risk of injury by using polymer flooring for baths, showers, and pool areas. For private and public spaces with high humidity, a range of products with a unique surface texture is ideal - pleasant to the touch and safe.
The texture of the modular slip-resistant tiles promotes maximum adhesion. It doesn't matter if you're walking barefoot or wearing shoes. You won't slip. And if you do fall for some reason, the coating will cushion the impact.

No allergies or other unwanted side effects from contact with human skin! We are well aware that visitors to the pool may include children. If you do not want to risk their health - a modular pool cover iMatrix-Aqua will be the best option.
Our products are certified. In swimming pools, the water is heavily chlorinated - such are the requirements of sanitary regulations. But this does not affect the longevity of the coating.

Generally speaking, regarding durability, iMatrix-Aqua shower and pool coatings are out of competition. Whatever the capacity of your pool, after many years, the floor will be as bright, smooth, durable, and safe. In addition, such a coating will cost significantly cheaper than traditional materials, especially when you consider that the installation of iMatrix-Aqua tiles can be done at a rate of 15-20 square meters per hour, even without construction skills.

Other advantages include the following points:
increased wear resistance;
impeccable strength, excellent resistance to impact;
resistance to various chemicals;
is distinguished by a long service life;
stands out noise absorption;
high resistance to water and mold:
easy installation can be installed over old, uneven, or painted floors.