Modular flooring application

Modular flooring application

Modular flooring is very relevant lately. Not so long ago, the choice of flooring was very limited, especially when it came to outdoor areas. As a rule, playgrounds, walking areas, sports complexes, etc., are simply asphalted. Sometimes they left grass or soil, remember at least yards and swings with horizontal bars, where children used to walk mostly. Now is the time for innovative and modern material.
Modular plastic flooring is a fundamentally new type of flooring used for the arrangement of outdoor and indoor areas. It is created from a simple but at the same time durable material - crumb rubber with additional binding elements.

Today, this type of flooring is one of the most popular materials and is in high demand. One of the reasons for this popularity was the decision of the state authorities on the mandatory use of such coatings in playgrounds and complexes. Having seen firsthand the advantages of materials, builders began to use this flooring on other objects, including buildings.

Here are the main areas of application:

Street zones:
● playgrounds
● sport complexes
● coverings in stadiums
● Treadmills
● basketball and volleyball courts
● football grounds
● GYMs
Indoor areas:
● coatings in repair shops
● fitness rooms
● bathrooms
● entrance areas of commercial premises
● tennis courts
● farms, stables
● areas near pools

The presented flooring is also often used on stair treads. The fact is that it has very high wear resistance and eliminates slipping. Even wet shoes in rain or snow will not slip on the material.

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This versatile floor covering for playgrounds and sports facilities has become mandatory by regulation because it minimizes the risk of injury. Modular flooring has several distinguishing characteristics that make the likelihood of injury minimal: it is shock-absorbing, it does not slip and it is not rigid. Therefore, one of the most important criteria for choosing a coating is safety. Not only in terms of injury, but also in terms of sustainability. All materials fully comply with all requirements and standards. Even when exposed to a strong heat in the sun, the coating does not emit hazardous volatiles or unpleasant odors. Abrasion resistance and long service life of up to 10 years make rubber flooring a profitable investment. Another important advantage is water permeability. Moisture leaves the surface and within 10 minutes after rain or washing, it becomes dry.