Modular floor coverings: installation features

Modular floor coverings: installation features

Our company is engaged in the supply of modular flooring. On our site, there is a wide range of tiles that are suitable for fulfilling any of your ideas. An ideal place to use plastic tiles would be an outdoor playground or field, a recreation area in a park or a playground, a path in the country or near buildings, a pier, a helipad. You can also use rubber tiles in enclosed areas, gyms, warehouses, etc.
Due to its safety against injury, resistance to aggressive external weather conditions, and heavy loads, rubber tiles are a unique flooring.

The benefits include:
● all-seasonality,
● resistance to discoloration and fading,
● anti-slip properties,
● resistance to deformation and cracks.

Features of laying modular flooring

One of the advantages of modular tiles is that there is no need for special preparation of the substrate for laying a new coating.

The floor covering spreads practically on any surface. The mounting surface should be relatively flat and clean, but not necessarily perfect. After all, this type of tile is able to smooth out all imperfections and take root on any surface.
Glueless installation of this tile is possible in 15 minutes (10 square meters of the floor). Laying of the modular covering is carried out by connecting two squares of the soft floor in a lock - the principle of joining puzzles. Before installation, it is recommended to practice by connecting several squares of the coating.

Remove the caps from the puzzle squares or distribute them along the edges, where it is no longer supposed to be joined with other elements of the covering. After assembling each row, gently stretch the floor at the joints with your hands to avoid further deformations of the modular flooring.

Here you can buy one of the best models of flooring - Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 378. This is a modern and reliable solution for your design.

Due to the variety of positive properties of the envelope, these modular floorings have become universal.
Modular floors can be used in almost all types of production:

● warehouses;
● houses,
● flats,
● parking, service stations,
● berths;
● sports grounds;
● farms.

Thanks to its high quality, excellent technical characteristics, and the possibility of using it in all types of indoor and outdoor applications, the coating is becoming more popular every day.

You can buy tiles on our website. Our staff will help you understand the range of flooring and make your choice. You will be pleased with the affordable price and a large selection of colors and sizes. Just write to us.