Modern flooring

Modern flooring

The requirements for floor coverings are endless and include safety, antibacterial properties, ease of maintenance, moisture resistance, durability and good looks. Therefore, modular coatings are becoming increasingly popular today, which have obvious advantages in comparison with other materials and are deservedly called "new generation floors".

Thanks to its excellent performance, practicality and aesthetic appearance, the iMatrix has gained high popularity among flooring customers. The excellent performance properties make this floor covering a wide range of applications. This is a suitable option for street and road facilities, sports and playgrounds, areas near pools and garages. Can also be used indoors for fitness clubs, warehouses, barn and roof decking. The coating can be successfully used in bathrooms, dressing rooms and other rooms where the floor is often wet. The modular coating is not only resistant to moisture, but also does not slip when water gets on it, even with a cleaning solution. Slip excludes the top layer of the floor covering, which has a rough micro-relief. Therefore, the risk of injury in the bathroom or dressing room is minimized.

 Modular flooring is:

⁃ Long service life

⁃ Durability and resistance to weather changes

⁃ Resistant to moisture and can be installed in places with high humidity

⁃ Protection against rodents, insects and pests

⁃ Ease of cleaning

⁃ Resilience and protection from unwanted injury from falls

⁃ Noise isolation and anti-slip

The coating is not subject to shrinkage and remains intact for many years.

We would like to draw your attention to the Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 378.  It is the perfect solution for creating safe, modern and comfortable flooring. This modular tile is designed for long-term and safe use, both outdoors and indoors. The thickness of the tiles is the most optimal for daily loads in commercial premises (gyms), outdoor conditions (courtyards, terraces).

The tile has such qualities as wear resistance, shock absorption properties, high strength, resistance to abrasion and deformation.

 You can buy perfect tiles in our online store. We will help you choose the size and color, as rubber floors have a wide range of choices. IMatrix offers only high quality flooring components. Our experts are ready to advise you on any issue and place an order. Write to us and our managers will contact you to clarify all the details and help you with the choice.