Main features of modular plastic flooring

Main features of modular plastic flooring

The easiest, most practical flooring to fit are modular tiles for universal use. This rubber floor covering is specially designed for floors subject to high stress. Heat-resistant flooring used in the manufacture of the product is resistant to most chemicals.
The tiles are laid without the use of adhesives, but with special latches.

Characteristics of these types of flooring:

✓ ready for use immediately after installation;
✓ quick installation even on inclined planes;
✓ the anti-slip effect even on wet surfaces;
✓ high resistance to wear and stress;
✓ absorption of noise and vibrations;
✓ resistance to combustion, as well as acids and alkalis.

Plastic waterproof modular tiles come in different sizes, so they can be easily installed in rooms with large and small areas.

Modular flooring is easy to install. Let's look at ways of installation procedure:

1. Surface preparation. Too protruding bumps of mortar or paint (more than 5 millimeters) are peeled off the floor. Large depressions must be cemented.
2. Laying tiles. The parts are firmly fixed relative to each other. It looks like a jigsaw puzzle or putting together a constructor. At the joints, there are projections and recesses, which, when connected, tightly close to each other. At the same time, the seams are almost invisible. In general, the process of laying the floor covering is not time-consuming enough. Even a beginner can handle it.

You can buy special modular flooring from high-quality virgin material and rubber for the floor of the garage, car service, warehouse, car wash, kitchen, gym, shop, office, house, cottage, etc. One of the most optimal and profitable flooring options will be Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 160, which is presented on our website.
Such protective waterproof anti-slip floor coverings are used to reduce noise and vibration loads, and to protect the concrete floor from wear and tear. Due to their texture, they will protect you from falling if you are near the pool or water gets on the cover.

Key Features of Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 160:

● the versatility of application,
● durability,
● high strength,
● ease of assembly and cleaning,
● fire safety.

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