How to choose the right wallpaper?

How to choose the right wallpaper?

By going to any specialized store or by visiting the website where wallpapers are sold, you will see a huge assortment of different wallpapers for every taste. The burden of choice will fall on you because the greater the variety of products, the harder it is to stop at one thing. So how can you quickly select a quality wallpaper that suits your needs?

Wallpaper can be classified by material, washabilities, number of layers, patterns, type of application, printing technique, and other things. 

Wallpaper base

Our team of professionals provides comprehensive information on all types of wallpaper. You will find characteristics and a clear description of each model, as well as tips for quickly finding the desired wallpaper. For example, wallpaper on a paper basis has its advantages. It is breathable and eco-friendly, but it can cause more difficulties during gluing than wallpaper on a non-woven basis. The popularity of paper-based wallpaper is due to its good quality and affordable price.

With wallpaper on a non-woven base, it becomes possible to apply the adhesive directly to the wall, which greatly simplifies the gluing process. Moreover, this type of wallpaper can be hung on in such rooms as bathrooms, toilets, basements, spa rooms, and other rooms with high humidity. Use wallpaper on a non-woven base and be sure that they will serve you for many years without peeling off from the wall.

Coating wallpaper

The entire top layer of wallpaper that covers their surface is called a coating. All wallpapers in our company are made using the rotogravure printing method, which ensures a high-quality coating. When painting materials, we use safe products, only non-toxic latex, plastisols, and water-based paints. All products are certified and meet international standards. By choosing the best products, we get high-quality products that have a lot of advantages. These include quality, lightfastness, high endurance, ease of gluing, washable, etc.

It is important to remember that, today, "vinyl" is considered to be the most durable and high-quality wallpaper. You should take a closer look at such wallpaper if you plan to glue the wallpaper in places with high humidity or if you plan to wash the walls often. Only this type of wallpaper will be able to withstand all manipulations without losing its attractiveness. Indeed, for example, acrylic or paper wallpaper cannot be washed with water; only light wiping with a slightly damp cloth is allowed without rubbing and intense pressure. Such wallpapers can be safely used in the room where they will be the least dirty.

Stopping your choice of vinyl wallpaper, you need to pay attention to the thickness of such a coating. After all, the thicker the layer, the stronger the wallpaper.

Durable and heavy-duty wallpapers can be cleaned with a soft brush and alcohol-based detergents. Such wallpapers are of the highest quality they do not fade or fade in the sun. They will always look beautiful and fresh, even after many years.

Why are our vinyl wallpapers so high quality?

The fact is that the vinyl wallpaper has micropores in the coating, which make moisture exchange possible and help air pass through the wallpaper. That is why they prevent the formation of fungi and mold and are ideal for paperhanging in any room.

Our company guarantees 100% quality of all types of wallpapers that we provide. Our products have won a large number of awards at various exhibitions and competitions. Choosing our wallpaper, you will never regret this decision because our products are of high quality, eco-friendly, and have affordable prices.