How to choose the right wallpaper

How to choose the right wallpaper

Does your apartment become uncomfortable? No problem! Don't hurry up with reshuffling, and don't buy new furniture immediately. Try changing your wallpaper. The designer's advice will help you to choose the right ones according to color, tone, and pattern.

Pattern and color

By skillfully using colors, you can visually increase or decrease the size of a room. As a rule, black and white, blue, and purple colors visually increase the space. Red is associated with wealth, and luxury orange and yellow can make a large room cozier. Correctly choosing shades of red color look good in the hall, living room, and kitchen. Psychologists consider that deep purple is the color of creativity. Orange color makes you cheerful and joyful. Yellow is a warm color, and it can warm you up.

The smaller is the room, the lighter is wallpapers, and the smaller is the pattern. Conversely, the larger the room, the brighter the colors and the larger the pattern. In turn, the larger the pattern - the lighter its color should be.

For rooms with low ceilings (2.5-3 m), wallpaper with vertical stripes is preferable. They can visually "raise" the ceiling. Wallpaper with a diamond pattern makes the room wider. For darkish places, you need to use light wallpaper in warm colors: light lemon, golden, light beige ...

It is better to hang rich colored wallpaper in a room with windows to the south side with golden orange, dark blue, or terracotta. Such wallpaper will absorb excess light.

If the room is very high and narrow, it is recommended to divide it into three parts in height when hanging wallpaper. Hang the lower two-thirds with more bright colored wallpaper, and the third one that is closer to the ceiling with light ones.

For rooms in the country house are suitable to use light colors wallpaper with a discreet ornament. They can hide possible irregularity walls.
If the room has ledges and beams (usually, there are a lot of them in old houses), you need to choose wallpaper with a colorful pattern. Only in this case, the ledges will be less conspicuous.

In adjoining rooms, you need to select wallpaper in which the color will smoothly change from one room to another. For example, in the large room - golden, in the small one - light lemon, in the hall - light brown ...
And, of course, the wallpaper should harmonize with the style and color of the furniture. Remember that it is much easier and cheaper to change wallpaper than furniture.

Selection the tone

It's not a secret that green color is soothing. It is suitable for any place, but especially in the children's room. The room in green tones seems to be fabulous. Modern blue lamps are widely used in bathrooms today. Сalm blue light emphasizes the shine of the tile. But our faces don't benefit from the blue spectrum. Under no circumstances should you hang blue lampshades in the kitchen! The kitchen is usually decorated in light colors, the most preferred are light-blue or blue-green, which creates the impression of coolness and spaciousness. You can use a rich color, such as blue or green, in small kitchens.

Calm tones are the perfect background for expensive items. Solid furniture will look great on a light gray background. Light green and blue colors visually make the room bigger.