How to choose the right floor covering

How to choose the right floor covering

Modular flooring is stable and reliable and not afraid of mechanical influences. It is made of different materials and designed for other rooms. It is often used in technical buildings with high floor stresses, such as garages, workshops, or warehouses. In addition, the modules are well suited for office premises, places with a high intensity of human traffic, medical institutions, kindergartens, outdoor areas, and seasonal summer cafes.

How to choose the right floor covering
The right kind of flooring plays a vital role in the comfort and perception of your home. Today, floor coverings are more diverse than ever - a wide range of styles, types, and laying options make it possible to find the best floor covering. The development of manufacturing technology makes the difference between them very conditional and blurs the clear line between many categories of floor coverings. Of course, for the consumer, such a wide choice of coatings is a significant advantage because, among so many options, everyone can choose a floor covering that will meet their needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Choosing a floor covering
Choosing the right flooring dramatically affects our lives. Whether you're doing yoga in the bedroom, hosting dinner parties in the living room, or treating the neighborhood kids in the kitchen, the floors in your home need to be comfortable and durable. The base is the largest surface in a room, so they form the basis of its appearance. New flooring in an apartment can be costly and require a significant investment, so choosing the right flooring that will last you for years to come is essential. The optimal flooring choice for your home is a precise balance between your needs, lifestyle, and style. Let's take a closer look at the factors to consider when choosing the floor.

Decide on your style
What colors and patterns do you like best? Also, think about which textures appeal to you more: the rich look of wood, the luxurious feel of tufted carpets, or the smooth feel of tiles? You also need to consider the style of the room itself. If you're planning a facelift, the flooring you choose should complement the furniture and accessories you have now.

Analyze your lifestyle.
Think carefully about how you use the room. If you are an avid cook and spend hours at the stove, choose kitchen flooring, such as tiles that will be comfortable to stand on for long periods. Do kids leave puddles of water on the bathroom floor? Flooring for the bathroom must necessarily be waterproof, and it should not be afraid of moisture. Do pets constantly leave dirt in the hallway? Weigh everything very well, and your flooring should be chosen according to the lifestyle of all members of your family.

Calculate your budget
Keep in mind that you'll also need to include the cost of screed, delivery, and installation of the flooring in addition to the cost of materials. There will also likely be costs to remove the previous flooring. Don't forget about the cost of baseboards, adhesives, and other additional materials.

Considering all of these factors and knowing what kind of flooring you want, you can find it in our catalog on the Floor Store website. If you have any doubts or questions, we will be happy to help and advise you on this or that floor covering.