How can you choose wallpaper based on purchased furniture?

How can you choose wallpaper based on purchased furniture?

It's not a secret that harmoniously selected wallpapers are the key to bring comfort to the house. They should not only be beautiful and of high quality but also fit the general style of housing and furniture. Where exactly should you start your choice?

First, you need to choose a color scheme for the wallpaper. At first glance, this is very simple but in fact, quite often choosing a coating color takes a lot of time and effort. To make this process faster, we suggest that you answer just a few questions:

What kind of lighting is in the room? If the room for which you are choosing the wallpaper is not well lit enough, you need to choose warm colors for it, such as beige, pastel, light brown. For a well-lit room will be suitable darker wallpapers with cold shades, they can be blue, purple, or green.

Will the atmosphere of your future room be invigorating or relaxing? To get an invigorating and lively atmosphere in the room, it is worth looking for rich colors - red, yellow, or orange are perfect.
The atmosphere for relaxation can help create gentle shades of pastel colors - beige, brown, blue, and others.

How to create the perfect design and harmonious combination of wallpaper and furniture? Make an experiment with wallpaper prints and upholstery. Get a small piece of wallpaper and see how it will look with your interior. Browse through the designer interiors. It will be especially easy if your furniture is of a well-known brand. Often, furniture manufacturers offer a complete design solution, with pre-selected furniture and wallpaper.

Let's consider one of the design options for a small room - one wall has a saturated color, while the other three walls are light, but they should be in the same shade.
Also, one of the safe options is the choice of wallpaper that is similar in pattern and color to furniture upholstery. It is believed that cold tones go well with each other, as well as warm tones - with warm tones.

Already paperhanging wallpaper.

It's time to select furniture. It may turn out that the acquired house will already be with coverings and wallpaper. There are several options for the selection of furniture:
Ready-made sets. Such trims greatly facilitate the selection process; you can choose a wide variety of colors. If you still find it difficult to find the perfect option, there is an opportunity to shift the focus from furniture to accessories. It can be a photo, painting, sconce, or pouf.

Individual design. This option can be suitable for those who cannot make a choice even with the largest variety of furniture. If you want to have a unique design in your home, then feel free to act! It doesn't have to be very expensive. Remember that the design of the furniture should be in harmony with the color of the walls and the texture of the coating. Bright furniture will go well with plain, calm wallpaper without accents, for example, a modular sofa.