High-quality innovative flooring

High-quality innovative flooring

ТМ iMatrix modular polymer tiles are a fast and economical solution to the problem of floor covering, which does not require special surface preparation before installation. The main characteristic of modular plastic floors is the ease of installation, as well as their strength and durability. Such floor tiles are perfect fits for streets and premises because they are resistant to static and shock loads, as well as to chemicals and temperature fluctuations. Modular industrial floors are used in industries (including chemical ones), commercial warehouses, shops, parking lots and farms, spa centers, and it is also ideal for your home. Quite often, this type of coverage is chosen for bathrooms, garages, and the area around the pool.

On our website, you can purchase the universal Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 378, which will be an ideal and durable investment.

The main advantages of this coating material:
● Easy to use and operate
This material is much easier than any other coating.
● High heat and sound insulation.
The special cellular structure of the material does not allow noise and cold to pass through.
● Excellent shock absorption.
The material is flexible, elastic, and resilient, thanks to which it absorbs shock well.
● Wear resistance.
The material is not afraid of temperature extremes, severe frosts, direct sunlight, moisture, and any other chemicals. Moreover, with a slight deformation, it can return to its original form.
● Dielectricity.
This material is non-conductive.
● Environmental friendliness.
The material is hygienic and hypoallergenic, does not emit any odors, and is absolutely safe for the health of children, adults, and animals.

Thanks to the design of the modular slab, which is equipped with special locks of the "puzzle" type, during the installation process, without much additional effort, you can bypass any obstacles that are inside the room (columns, machines, etc.). During operation, if a single modular slab is mechanically damaged, it is replaced with a new slab without the need to dismantle several installed slabs, which makes it possible to repair the floor in a matter of minutes.

Our floor panels can be used in any room: balcony, bathroom, toilet, and other rooms. These tiles are not afraid of water and do not absorb odors, and also exclude the appearance of fungus.
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