Durable and safe flooring

Durable and safe flooring

Modular plastic tiles have become a very popular flooring option and are often used as a modern alternative to safe and practical flooring. There are several varieties of such materials, among which the Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 378 stands out. This type of product does not require fixing to glue, which is very convenient and, in addition, has several other specific advantages.


The main difference between such parts from standard types of floor tiles will be the puzzle connection. Most often, such a connection is made in the form of a strong mosaic lock. It provides firm fixation of the parts relative to each other, and they will simply lie on the surface, not glued to anything. The special shape of the connecting elements will provide a strong and perfect joint.

There are several types of such products designed for different operating conditions. They differ in design, shape, and external surface. Some types of products can be used in ordinary residential buildings and apartments, while others are intended for technical rooms.


After installation, such tiles form continuous flooring without drops and joints, which allows them to be used in rooms for a wide variety of purposes. If you choose an option for the home, then such a floor allows you to create a flooring with different ornaments and designs, combining several colors or patterns. These types of tiles have increased wear resistance and improve the acoustic environment.
Installation of any type of flooring is simple and convenient, you just need to purchase the required number of parts and use the simplest tools to connect them.
Rubber flooring for paths today is considered one of the most versatile and technologically advanced materials used in landscape design.

This flooring has excellent performance characteristics. It can withstand significant temperature fluctuations, does not absorb water and, due to its porous structure, allows it to pass through, has an excellent appearance, and has a lot of color options.
In the country house or the garden, rubber paths can be arranged not only in the garden.

This tile is ideal for:
● playgrounds,
● areas near the pool,
● driveways for cars,
● outdoor terraces near the house.

The peculiarities of the material and its laying allow you to arrange garden paths of absolutely any shape.
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