Best modular tile

Best modular tile

On our website, we offer a series of modular floorings for all types of premises, at reasonable factory prices.
The iMatrix boarding system is an interlocking PVC tile suitable for installation on both new and old substrates of various origins. They are also perfect for areas covered with a lawn or on uneven land. The tiles are made by pressing according to European standards, using modern ergonomic presses from materials that provide the tiles with high wear resistance, chemical resistance, and long service life. This flooring is intended for use on floors with high workloads requiring superior abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and good anti-slip properties (against liquids, oils, solvents, etc.).
We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the Modular plastic waterproof anti-slip tile iMatrix-Aqua 378, which is presented on our website. This is one of the best types of flooring that combines high quality and reasonable price. This tile is recommended for surfaces, the load level of which during operation will be maximum. This material is mainly used in the industrial sector as well as in residential buildings and outdoor areas.

The flooring is made of 100% high strength material. This makes it suitable for floors in rooms with very high and dynamic loads and also extends its service life. These boards are particularly distinguished by their waterproof and anti-slip properties, sound insulation, and resistance to various chemicals.

Installation of anti-slip tiles is a fairly simple process, for which you do not need to have special skills or use a special set of tools. No wonder this type of coating is called fast because the floor can be renewed in just a couple of hours.

Core strengths of this type of tiles:

● The fastest and most energy-efficient laying;
● Can be used on any surface;
● No need for private renovation;
● In just a few hours, the cover can be disassembled, repaired, or relocated;
● Dust-free and non-slip surface;
● Durability;
● Acts as an insulator of sound, heat, and vibration;
● Innovative anti-moisture system;
● High durability;
● Wide application (schools, sports fields, houses, lawns, hangars, etc.);
● Eye-pleasing floor decor;
● Environmentally economic product.

On our website, you can choose the floor covering that suits you. Contact us to order or receive professional advice. We are proud of the achievements of our customers and are always glad to see you among our regular customers.