Anti-slip modular floors for swimming pools

Anti-slip modular floors for swimming pools

Anti-slip modular flooring is indispensable in areas where there is a risk of slippery tile floors. Specially designed modules have a secure grip on the floor. A unique drainage system instantly drains the water, and the ventilation system does not allow moisture to remain under the coating.
This modular flooring solves the problem of injury-prone areas due to its shock-absorbing qualities, helping to avoid injuries from falls. Using this coating prevents the spread of fungal diseases and eliminates contact with bare feet on cold and wet floors. The top of the layer is made to have a massaging effect on the feet.

But the most crucial advantage is the anti-slip effect of this coating.
The most comprehensive and most effective use of modular plastic cover is found in swimming pools and water parks. After all, swimming pools are framed with tile or ceramic tiles, and therefore the material on which it is easy to slip a wet person. To avoid injuries when entering or exiting the pool, you should put a modular anti-slip coating around the pool iMatrix-Aqua. It is non-slip, but it is also not susceptible to chlorine-containing substances used for disinfection.

This type of coating is specially designed for rooms with high humidity: swimming pools, water parks, baths, saunas, showers, etc.

Modular flooring is well washed under running water and can be easily dismantled, thus allowing you to easily maintain cleanliness and ensure safety in rooms with slippery or wet flooring.
The brightness and richness of color options allow you to adapt it to any customer's interior. The modules can be used to layout paths of any configuration and color scheme to divide rooms into zones. Combining the color modules can lay out inscriptions, drawings, and logos.

More modular anti-slip flooring can be put in the locker rooms. If the pool is located in a hotel or tourist center, tables or fountains may be nearby. In this case, the paths made of tiles can not be laid near the water itself but serve as a dividing line between the bathing and recreational areas.
Anti-slip mats for wet areas can also be used in bathrooms and toilets in private homes, apartments, and industry and hotels. Anti-slip mats do not slip on wet floors and tiles. After taking a bath, you do not need to step on the damp or cold floor if there is a tile mat on the floor. In addition, the surface of the coating pleasantly massages the steamed feet and, affecting the vital points, increases the tone of the body.

Advantages of coating:
- Solving the problem of a traumatic floor
- It- Easy to install and uninstall the coverage
- Wear resistance and reliability of the coating
- Easy and convenient system of repairability
- Fast drying and moisture removal
- Eco-friendliness
- Elasticity and resistance to detergents
- Choice of different shades and colors

If you already have ceramic tiles or another coating that does not provide adequate comfort and safety, the ideal option is a modular PVC coating for swimming pools. The layer is easily assembled into any configuration of individual elements and laid on the paths around the pool.
No special training is needed to assemble a slip mat or a track made of modules, and the coating is straightforward to assemble - just like puzzles.
Anti-slip mats for wet areas can be used in bathrooms and bathrooms, both in private homes and apartments and in industry and hotels.