A wide choice for every taste

A wide choice for every taste

 Today catalog of Slavic wallpaper contains 17 collections of a wide variety of wallpaper, which include: Garant, Comfort, Comfort Plus, Venice, Vip Class, Colorit, Expromt, Gracia, Le Grand, Vip Plus, Le Grand Diamond, Airy Wall, Office Style, Elegance, and Harmony. All of them have their features and advantages. The catalog of Slavic wallpapers contains more than 2000 design solutions that meet high European standards.

 The Garant collection contains the best examples of vinyl wallpaper that features outstanding rich decors and fantastic textures. Embossed patterns simulate thick brushstrokes and embossed dots. Due to the drop application of polymer, the wallpaper “breathes” and lets the air through. Thanks to this option,  wallpaper can be put up in any room.

 The Comfort collection contains the best designer wallpapers for the most demanding customers. Here you can find samples of a wide variety of artistic styles and trends. Due to the use of unusual components, these wallpapers successfully imitate different finishing materials.

 Comfort wallpapers have a vinyl base. They are made by using screen-printing technology. Unlike ordinary paper wallpapers, these wallcoverings are mechanically strong and resistant to fading. They are suitable for wet cleaning. So they can be put up even in rooms with high levels of humidity and dirt. Comfort wallpapers are environmentally friendly and, therefore, absolutely safe for paperhanging in living quarters.

 Vinyl wallpapers from the Comfort + collection have the same high qualities as the Comfort series. They can be repeatedly painted after paperhanging, which is why designers and experimenters love them so much. Comfort Plus wallpapers are suitable for both residential and office rooms due to their unobtrusive monochrome colors.

Venice wallpaper has excellent moisture resistance. Moreover, its surface is impregnated with environmentally friendly latexes, which form a protective film of the external coating. These wallpapers can be washed with soapy water. They repel fats, odors, dirt. That is why they are often used for kitchen decorations.


Vinyl non-woven wallpaper from the Vip series is a high-quality finishing material of a new generation. Thanks to them, repairs can be carried out as quickly as possible, since you need to apply glue only to the wall, while the wallpaper stays dry. Due to the non-woven base, the canvases attach easily, do not stretch, easily hide minor wall defects, do not form joints and stitches between the canvases. In case of renovation, they can be easily removed in one motion. Also, they are suitable for repeated painting. The main characteristics of the Vip wallpaper are strength, breathability, and durability.

 Paper wallpapers from the Colorit series are the most traditional of the entire collection of Slavic wallpapers. They are made by gravure printing, due to which subtle changes of colors and shades are achieved. Excellently performed painting does not fade under the sun's rays. These wallpapers are perfect for rooms with low levels of dust and humidity: bedrooms, or children's rooms.

 Vinyl wallpaper from the Expromt collection will suit admires of luxurious things. New technologies of plastisols accurately convey the texture and style of the picture while maintaining an elegant shape when creating vinyl canvases. The designers of the collection did a great job with the colors and prints. Due to the paper base, the process of paperhanging is fast and pleasant.

 The collection of duplex wallpapers Gracia will delight you with unique designer canvases with the elements of lurex that contribute a flash and shine to the design. Textured embossing along the contours of the pattern remains even after paperhanging, while the use of natural paper ensures complete environmental friendliness and safety.

 The Le Grand non-woven fabric wallpaper collections are hot-stamped. The Gold, Platinum, and Diamond series have wide rolls, and they are the best examples of high-quality non-woven wallpaper. The Airy Wall collection presents delicate, airy samples of paper-based vinyl. Office Style is a collection of plain non-woven fabric vinyl wallpaper.

 The Elegance collection has combined lush, bright hot-embossed wallpaper on a non-woven basis, while the Harmony collection combines samples made on coated paper. It makes the wallpaper highly durable besides, they do not sag when dry. Using natural, environmentally friendly materials allows you to maintain an optimal microclimate in a particular room.